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Administradores de fincas y Asesoría Inmobiliaria – SC Real Estate

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Property management in Sant Cugat and surroundings

SC Real Estate wants to be the final change in the management of Real Estate Owners’ Communities and property management. We achieve the simplification and improvement of the interaction between owners and the Administrator, to lead a comprehensive and effective management of the community.

We propose a model of continuous monitoring on our managed properties .

SC Real Estate is very close to your property, so it gives us a great value either for the quick response in case of need, our extensive experience in the area and our deep knowledge of the services that are offered.

Our models’s achievements

  • Facilitate the administrative management of the community
  • Continuous monitoring of services providers working in the community.
  • Improve the conditions of service contracts, reducing costs and increasing quality.
  • Improve the handling of incidents, speeding up procedures and being a direct contact between owners and third parties.
  • Satisfying Homeowners by direct contact with the Administrator.
  • Providing peace of mind for owners and renters.

What do we offer?

Operational services

Our staff attends and solve customer queries as quickly as possible, thanks to the strict monitoring of each incident and documentation management, so we can offer a fast and efficient service, avoiding unnecessary losses.

  • Personalized customer service
  • on-line Incident management
  • urgent Solutions to incidents
  • Regular visits and preventive actions: Constant monitoring “in situ” of all services contracted by the community
  • Constant contact with the President of the community
  • Convening and attending meetings and assemblies
  • Control and maintenance facilities management
  • Supervision of Tracking works
  • Guaranteed legal and regulatory compliance


Technical Services

We perform an exhaustive study of the building, facilities and needs, and make an estimate of the costs required, offering the best management proposal.

To ensure the utmost professionalism, SC Real Estate works with companies with prestige and recognition, including: engineers, lawyers, architects and technical architects, energy efficiency technicians and grey waters, cleaning services, gardening and pool maintenance, antenna installers and general maintenance.

  • Overall management of the building, including marketing.
  • Create and track the Owners’ Communities (we collaborate with the developer in all the necessary paperwork)
  • Compliance monitoring and enforcement of the assembly agreements
  • Complete revision of the building
  • Energy efficiency certification
  • Processing of high supplies
  • Submission of proposals for the effective management of the property: Budgets and maintenance works
  • Negotiation of service contracts
  • Emission and reception of turnover of communities, according to estimates
  • Service providers: Debit receipts, bills payment and control.
  • Annual closures and optimization proposals for the following year
  • Debt control measures: Management and personalized claim
  • Transparency in economic management of communities
  • Online account management


Legal services
  • Taxes
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts: rent, staffing,…
  • Land Registry
  • Licenses
  • Insurance: Advice and contracting, claims to service companies

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